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How to pick: College


Choosing A College?

Hi there! In today’s blog, I am going to be taking you through the steps of choosing a college, while still in high school.

All through high school, I never really wanted to go to college. I reasoned that nowadays you almost don’t need a degree to make money. From freshman year to senior year, I could never see myself waking up and going to class. I hated my senior year and got HEAVY senioritis, it was a struggle to make it to class every day. All I wanted to do was move to LA and produce youtube videos hoping that one-day I might blow up and become successful.

Then as my senior year approached, my parents were more and more adamant about me getting a degree. Of course, I agreed that more education would only be beneficial and would cover my options to start a career in New Media.

Why is College a sensible choice?

Benefits of College

  • Greater Earning Potential
  • More Job Opportunities
  • Better Employment Benefits
  • Higher Job Satisfaction
  • Stronger Job Stability
  • Increased Benefits to Your Children
  • Heightened Ability to Make Good Choices
  • Improved Ability to Communicate Effectively

The only schools I was considering were the College of Charleston and Virginia Tech. They were the only schools that I could see myself there.

As for factors that going into picking a college, here are some questions you should consider:

  • Is my gut feeling telling me to go there
  • Have you met people with similar views and likes as you
  • How is the weather ( This was a huge deciding factor for me, Charleston has the best weather ever)
  • Make a pros/cons list
  • NEVER choose a school based off of your bf/gf or best friend
  • Do they have a major that interests you?

Overall, the biggest thing for me is the gut feeling, You have to have a positive mindset that everything happens for a reason and youll end up where you are meant to be.

Looking for School or College Fashion Ideas?

In July 2020 I did a modeling shoot School rules | ( on location at Queens University of Charlotte.

Elevate your back-to-school style with these looks from local boutiques.  

Styling + production: Whitley Adkins  •  Photographer: Olly Yung • Hair & makeup: Josiah Reed | Photography assistant: Victoria Pinson  •  Styling assistant: Isabelle Pringle | Models: Jillian Lee, Teagan Litten and Jarin Simmons, represented by Directions USA


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