March 22

How to get an internship

A vast majority of people tend to get internships during their Junior/Senior years in college. Internships can be extremely beneficial once graduation comes around and the need for a “big girl job” becomes a necessity.

But how does one go about finding the right one, applying to it, dressing for it or even succeeding in it? No worries, that is what I am here to enlighten you on.

Let’s begin with the basics.

How to get ready for an internship?

Step 1 – Prepare your online presence

Obviously, creating your own website and domain name – just like you are reading this on, is an obvious way to get yourself noticed. But this can be costly and sometimes just too technical for people. So let’s use the Internet social media platforms for businesses.

There are many sites used to help find a job that will fit your wants and needs, the most common is LinkedIn.

Start by creating a fleshed out, professional account.

Step 2 – Update your online presence

Add links to companies or projects that you have worked with.

Get people you have worked with to write references and put all your credentials/skills. If you haven’t worked anywhere – don’t worry! Just add your profile as your starting point.

Link to other professionals in your business space. Link to me and let’s collaborate

After creating the account, reach out to anyone local to you with job openings or similar interests.

This may take time, but trust the process.

You will get traction!

My personal experience

As a second semester junior at the college of Charleston, I decided it was time to find my practice my passion through an internship.

At first, I felt lost as I spent 2 weeks applying to multiple social media marketing positions without hearing back. However, one day I received an email from a brand asking to zoom interview with me.

The following day, I got on the zoom call, explained to them my assets, skills and what I could bring to the table to help their brand. Thankfully, I received another email a few days later with the amazing news that I had been selected.

I now am a social media marketing intern and could not be more grateful.

As my first day approached, I had no idea what to expect. What kind of work I would be doing, What essentials I needed to bring with me, or what to wear considering my entire closet is made up of crop tops and mini skirts.

I had and still have a lot to learn, but am going to be blogging it all to hopefully make this process easier for others.


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