January 12

HOW TO: start collaborating with brands as a micro-influencer


Collaborate with brands as a Micro Influencer

Everyone has a starting point. Even your favorite/biggest content creators started their accounts from 0. I’m a 20 year old micro influencer who is here to share all the tips you NEED to know to start making money for posting.

Everyone starts from nothing

If you have followed my Youtube or Tik Tok videos you would see I share everything from the best brands to buy from to explaining how to get into modeling. I have a wide range of content that I choose to dabble in. But it all began in 7th grade. Where my dad helped buy me a little film recorder and the rest is history. When I started social media is was never for the money. It was purely because I had a burning passion. However, along the way it has opened up so many amazing opportunities which is why I wanted to share it with all of you.

This specific blog post is here to EDUCATE you and give you the insights most influencers keep secret.

The Two C’s

To begin, you don’t need to have over 1M Instagram followers to start making money from brands. The key starts with consistency and confidence. The two C’s. As soon as I began posting feed posts multiple times a week and multiple Instagram stories a day, that is when I noticed the biggest difference. People love to see what you are doing 24/7, it helps make you more relatable. Confidence is also extremely important. You need to release the fear of people judging or talking about what you post. I post THE WEIRDEST stuff but its the content that makes me the happiest and making money off of it is a perk as well šŸ˜‰


Reaching out to brands

After i gained around 10K followers I choose this time to reach out to brands. I started with smaller, local brands. Asking them to exchange product for content creation. After creating good relationships with these brands. I began having bigger brands slide in my DMS. Princess Polly and Fabletics were the first big brands that I began working with and still work with to this day.

Heading: Reaching out to brands

After reaching 10K followers, I initiated contact with smaller local brands, proposing product exchanges for content creation. Building strong relationships with these brands, I attracted the attention of larger brands like Princess Polly and Fabletics, who now regularly collaborate with me.

Different brands will have different rates or budgets that they will be willing to pay. This is why it is so important to really get to know and love the brand. I only work with brands that I think my Instagram followers would want to buy from.

GRATITUDE. The biggest thing (in my personal opinion) is being grateful for the opportunities you do have. Doing this, helps attract bigger and better things in the future. I remember crying after opening packages from brands because it was so insane that I could be getting free clothing in exchange for pictures of me. Let alone getting PAID. It still blows my mind. I am grateful every single day for the brands that i continually work with and the brands i will work with in the future.

Id love to see how you guys are growing your social medias and brands that you dream of working with. DM me on instagram and lets chat šŸ™‚


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