February 17

My modeling journey; DIRECTIONS USA


Modeling at Nineteen

I started modeling when I was 16. I heard a radio ad about GetConnected and knew that I had to do everything in my power to make my dream come true. My mum took me to many meetings for it and when I eventually got the chance to shoot, the photographer, Jose Amigo, pulled me aside and told me I would be the perfect fit for DirectionsUSA. It is a modeling agency based out of Greensboro, NC. I am now 19, and have done a multitude of fun, crazy shoots. Ive recently shot for Belk, Cato, Different magazines, etc.

I always knew I had a passion for being in front of a camera which most likely stemmed from my youtube channel. I love that i can make videos based around my shoots or look book videos and my subscribers are eager to learn more. I think there is a lot of younger people wanting to get into modeling and id love to be a bit of help along the way. Fashion is another thing that ultimately makes me happy, with all of my test shoots I have the opportunity to incorporate fashion with being in front of a camera. I am so extremely grateful for the opportunities that have come my way so far and cant wait for the future.


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